April 22, 2009


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For your reference, here is the assignment sheet for portfolios!  portfolio-and-reflection211

In class on Wednesday, you all created section headers for: Written, Oral, Visual, and Reflection.  But, now everyone needs to attach their chosen work for each heading.  PLEASE DO NOT COPY AND PASTE YOUR ENTIRE ASSIGNMENT INTO THE HEADINGS, USE ATTACHMENTS INSTEAD.  I’ve had several questions about how to do this and the following instructions should help answer your concerns:

  1. Under Posts (for your particular heading, i.e. written, oral, etc.) type in a short description of what you will be uploading.  Then . . .
  2. Go to the “insert media” icon on your word-like interface and browse for your particular work. 
  3. Then, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, once it is uploaded go to “insert URL” and then “insert into blog.”  Again, THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT!
  4. Finally, save, and publish.


I look forward to seeing your wonderful e-portfolios!  The following schedule is for the rest of the semester.  Remember that you will write the reflection (or come prepared) during our final time (see corresponding section and time below). THE FINAL LOCATION WILL BE YOUR REGULAR COMPUTER LAB!!!! 




Mon, April 27

Stomping Grounds Resource Day

Finalize eportfolio

Wed, April 29

Peer Review of Portfolios

Finalize rough draft for peer review

Fri, May 1

Course Evaluations


Tues, May 5

Final for Sec. MH

Time: 12-2

Thurs, May 7

Final for Sec. LH

Time: 12-2

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